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Pahang National Park, Kuala Tahan

How To Get There

The nearest town is Jerantut, Pahang. The journey from Kuantan by car or public transport takes about 3 to 4 hours. From Jerantut, visitors can either take a bus or taxi to the Jeti Kuala Tembeling, which is about 16 km from Jerantut. From the Jeti Kuala Tembeling,  visitors have to take a boat to Kuala Tahan. The boat ride takes about 2 and a half hours to 3 hours to reach Kuala Tahan. The fare is RM55.00 / person one way. Boats departed at 1.00 pm daily.

Visitors can also get to the National Park by road as far as 68 km with only takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Jerantut town. For those taking the train, they can stop at the Jerantut Railway Station.

Permit and License

Visitors are compulsory to obtain an entrance permit at RM1.00 per person. Fishing license costs RM10.00 per fishing rod while camera license is RM5.00 per unit.


The park is managed by Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP), whereas the facilities and services are managed by local communities and private sectors.

Mutiara Taman Negara Resort provides accommodation inside Taman Negara. For more information on accommodations and activities, please contact Mutiara Taman Negara at 09-2662200 / 09-2663500 or fax to 09-2661500 or through e-mail at www.mutiarahotels.com

There are other accommodation surrounding Kuala Tahan which include bungalows, suites, chalets, hostels and campsites outside Taman Negara are managed by local people.


Recreational Activities 
Wildlife Observation Hides Stay overnight at hides and observe wildlife visiting the salt licks nearby. Charged RM5.00 per person per night. Reservations should be made in upon registration counter.
Canopy Walkway Enjoy Taman Negara from the longest canopy walkway in the world (550m), suspended 45 meters above ground. The charged is RM 5.00 for adult and RM3.00 for children
Cave Exploration Explore the unspoilt limestone forest comprising some of beautiful caves such as Gua Daun Menari, Gua Kepayang Besar and Gua Kepayang Kecil.
River Exploration A boat trip along Sungai Tembeling and Sungai Tahan is one of the most exciting activities, encountering numerous rapids.
Fishing Experience the fishing activities at Sungai Keniam. Camping at Kuala Perkai.
Bird Watching It's a bird watching galore with 380 species of Malaysian birds found in Taman Negara. Common species are hornbill, pheasant, barbet, trogon and flycatcher.
Gunung Tahan Hiking The highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia takes at least 7days to hike, conquering its challenging routes. Hikers are compulsory under lead and in sight of mountain guide. RM1,200 for 7 days hike for one mountain guide. Recommended period to hike is from March to August.
Visit the Orang Asli Settlements and Rapids shooting

Visit the Orang Asli Settlements at Jeram Dedari to learn more about their culture and lifestyle with the fee of RM5.00/person.

Transportation fee is RM180.00 / boat /12 person maximum.

Jungle Trekking Enjoy the natural beauty of the pristine jungle along the trail in Taman Negara and observe wildlife in this natural environment.
Visit to Lata Berkoh
  • Enjoy picnic, swimming and panoramic view in Lata Berkoh
  • Transportation fee is RM160.00 / boat / 4 person (maximum)
Visit to Lubuk Tenor Kelah Sanctuary
  • Transportation fee is RM160.00 / boat / 4 person (maximum)
  • Campsite fee is RM1.00 / person / night inside Taman Negara except campsite managed by Mutiara Resort charged with RM5.00 / person / night

Hiking Gunung Tahan

Hiking Route

To reach the peak of Gunung Tahan, hikers can choose between two entry points whether from Kuala Tahan or Sungai Relau:

Kuala Tahan > Gunung Tahan > Kuala Tahan                                7 days 6 nights

Kuala Tahan > Gunung Tahan > Kuala Juram (Merapoh)             7 days  6 nights 

The original trail to the peak of Gunung Tahan from Kuala Tahan covers longer distance and is more challenging. Hikers need at least 7 days and 6 nights to complete the hike. This route also requires hikers to cross the river for 7 times and hiking 27 peaks before reach the destination.
Kuala Tahan > Summit of Tahan Mount (Altitude) 

Trail Kuala Tahan - Gunung Tahan Summit (Altitude) Estimated Distance (KM)
Kuala Tahan (60m) - Melantai (100m) 12
Melantai (100m) - Gunung Rajah (576m) 9
Gunung Rajah (576m) - Putih (156m) 4
Putih (156m) - Teku (168m) 7
Teku (168m) - Wray's Camp (898m) 5
Wray's Camp (898m) - Pankin (1462m) 12
Pankin (1462m) - Gunung Tangga 15 (1500m) 1.5
Gunung Tangga 15 (1500m) - Gunung Reskit (1666m) 2.5
Gunung Reskit (1666m) - Gunung Gedung (2066m) 3
Gunung Gedung (2066m) - Gunung Tahan (2187m) 7

For more information, please contact:

Taman Negara Kuala Tahan
27020 Jerantut
Tel: 09-266 1122/09-266 4152      
Faks: 09-266 4110
E-mail: tnp[at]wildlife[dot]gov[dot]my

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Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) 
Peninsular Malaysia
Km 10, Jalan Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-90866800       Fax : 03-90752873
Email : webmaster[at]wildlife[dot]gov[dot]my
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